International Yoga Day is on Friday the 21st

Keen on yoga is celebrating International Yoga Day by offering Friday Morning Class on the 21st of June for $5 donation. All money raised to be donated to a local foundation –  Love Hope and Gratitude

If you have time after class join me at the Bridgewater Cafe for a cuppa

Creative Soul Mini Retreat

Yoga and Mandala Workshop

Saturday July the 6th 
The Village Well in Aldgate
12.30 – 4.30pm

Hosted by Keen on Yoga in conjunction with Your Calmer Mind, this 4 hour retreat uses traditional yoga practices to explore how each of us is essentially a creative being and how we create in our own unique ways. Discover how yoga, meditation and breathing practices quieten and align the mind and body, unlocking your creativity to manifest not just art, but also the life that you create for yourself.

Guided meditationsDiscover the rich experience of meditation as you shift from thinking to sensing using simple, short and effective meditation techniques.  Experience a calm and clear mind and understand what self-care really is and how to implement it.
*Intention setting for the retreat and beyond
*Pranayama Breathing Techniques– we’ll break down the simple yet powerful breathing practices of Viloma and  Nadhi Sodhana Pranayama and explore the different effects each has on the body and mind and when you might use them in your daily life
Yoga for all abilities lead by Judy Keen with a focused awareness of your alignment and time to reconnect, challenge and open your body and mind.
Food and drink break time to connect with each other or enjoy some time out as we enjoy delicious and healthy vegan nourishment.
*Mandala creation –No art skills required for the ancient, simple, meditative art of mandalas. Rachel teaches all you need to know to create your own expression of divine beauty as you enjoy the benefits of relaxation, reflection, balance and healing.

Venue:  The Village Well – 54 Strathalbyn Rd, Aldgate, SA, 5154
Take home your own mandala and a mandala starter kit with handbook so you can continue on your creative journey at home.
Soulful door prizes to be given out at the end of the retreat.

This event is lead by 2 experienced practitioners combining their skills and knowledge to bring you a unique event in which they will guide you and nurture your wellbeing. Options will be offered to cater for all abilities so that whether you are experienced or new to these practices, you will have a full and enriching retreat from the every day, and re-enter your life with a renewed sense of wellbeing, openness and possibilities.

Yoga Introduction Course

Term 3 Introduction course starting July 29th and runs for 6 weeks
Monday evenings 7.30 – 8.30pm

Classes cancelled on the long weekend
Saturday the 8th June and Monday the 10th June

I apologise if you have already received this email
look forward to see you on the mat soon