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Judy Keen

Hi! My name is Judy Keen. I began regular Yoga practice over 18 years ago while living in Sydney. Working in the magazine industry involved many long hours sitting behind a computer screen, with the stress of dead lines and fast pace of inner city living. It just seemed natural to turn to yoga to restore balance and peace into my busy and hectic lifestyle.
One of our co-workers was a yoga instructor and began a weekly lunchtime yoga class. As interest grew we brought in additional teachers and yoga practice became an integral part of the workplace for many staff. This was the beginning of my yoga journey that continues to grow stronger and deeper to this day.
My husband and I moved back to our home town of Adelaide and I became a mother of two beautiful boys. I graduated from Yoga Spirit Studios Teacher Training Course as a qualified Yoga Instructor and am a member of the Yoga Australia. I am currently teaching yoga classes in the town of Bridgewater in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

I became engaged in yoga because of the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges that it brings into my life. I particularly felt the benefits of yoga during my pregnancies and the practice also helped me recover from old sports injuries. I enjoy bringing yoga to the work place as I remember the benefits it gave me when I worked in a corporate environment. I would encourage all to follow their hearts and introduce yoga in some form to their life, to bring the balance so necessary in day to day living.


Annette Shelley

Annette has been a Chiropractor for over 30 years and has studied mind/body medicine through Chiropractic kineasiology.

Practising yoga for over 20 years Annette understands yoga’s benefits for not only increasing and maintaining the body’s strength, balance and flexibility but also that a regular practise of yoga helps to create balance in our busy lives by connecting within, creating a body awareness and inner calm.

Annette has also gained ‘Perfect Health’ Certification through the Chopra University which enables her to share information on living a balanced Ayurvedic lifestyle and also has a special interest in Chakras and their correlation in both Eastern and Western medicine.

Annette’s intention in teaching yoga is to empower her students to make healthy choices in their life through yoga and mindfulness.

Kama Gore

Kama is an Adelaide Hills local, growing up in Hahndorf, now living in Bridgewater with her partner and 2 young daughters. She enjoys cooking, walking around the hills and reading. Kama is passionate about bringing natural medicine and meditation to the community to improve general health and wellbeing.

After working in the natural health industry for many years and completing a Bachelor of Complementary Medicine, Kama is now a trained meditation leader with Skillful Mind. The mission of Skillful Mind is to give people access to the skills of meditation around the world.



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What Is Yoga?

The word yoga originates form a Sanskrit phrase "to yoke", it means unity, the union of the mind, body and spirit, the unity of ones consciousness with universal consciousness. Or more simply, yoga is a way to balance all aspects of the self; the phyisical body, the emotional, mental and spiritual and to bring out the best in each individual. Through the practice of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), mudra (gestures), bandha (locks), shatkarma (purification practices) and dhuana (meditation) yoga offers us a way to live a healthy and harmonious life.
Yoga tones the muscles without straining them, promotes healthy blood flow, combats fatugue, balances the neuro-endocrine system, stabilizes emotions and reduces stress.
Yoga asana are a tool to bring the mind into the present and prepare the body for meditation, bring supplness, giving one the ability to sit comfortably and still and awakens ones awareness to the body. The breath is also a tool we use in yoga to begin to quietten the mind, by bring ones awareness to the breath and giving the mind a point to focus on.
There are many reasons that bring people to search for a yoga class, such as flexibility, strength, recovery from injury and relaxation. Yoga offers a non aggressive and non competitive practice allowing a safe and nurturing environment to open and connect the body, mind and spirit.

"Yoga is the golden key that unlocks the door to peace, tranquility and joy."  -  BKS Iyengar