2 Hour workshop  Book and Pay

DATE:          Sunday 10th Nov
COST:           $43 Early Bird $37
TIME:           1.30pm to 3.30pm
WHERE:      Adlgate Village Well
54 Strathalbyn Rd,
Aldgate SA 5154

Understanding your spine is the first step to a pain free back
In my 15 years of teaching I have seen many so many students suffering back pain and issues, that are often quickly alleviated through the mindful movement of yoga
This is the 1st of a 2 part workshop. In these workshop I want to empower you with the knowledge of your spine and what actions you can take to create strength and space for pain free back.
Workshop 1
*meditation and visualisation to calm the mind and nervous system
You will Learn
*how your spine moves, how it functions and why it’s so important
*good posture
*the muscles are involved in spinal movement
*stretch and open muscles and fascia
*how to unravel the tensions safely to help relieve pain
*email worksheet of simple daily routines you can easily do at home.
This workshop is open to all,
Whether you are new to yoga or been a yogi for years.
If you are looking for a greater understand of you spine and create a home practice and stretch, then this is for you
Knowing how to care for your spine is essential for creating a strong and healthy back – for now and the future