Yoga and Breath
fundamental to meditation and movement

In the 5 weeks course on breath, you will be learning different ways to tap into your breathing, both to energise and to relax. You will be surprised how the simple act of breathing can be altered to serve you profoundly and experience the deep impact the breath has on your health. Further we will explore how the breath can serve as an anchor for meditation. The class is based on Hatha Yoga, with a focus on aligning the breath with the movement.

Feb 8th – week 1 we will take time to focus on the rhythm and depth of breath and how we can expand the capacity of the lungs.
Feb 15th – week 2 in this class we will focus on establishing the breath rhythm and ad movement in response to the breath
Feb 22nd – week 3 we will explore specific energising and calming breathing techniques
no class on the 1st of march
Mar 8th – week 4 in this class we will investigate the relationship between the breath and the meditative state, meditation in movement as well as in stillness.
Mar 15th – week 5 in this last session we will implement what we have learnt into a Hatha Yoga practice, a standard yoga session lead by the breath.

Cost $70
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Cynthia has been practicing and sharing yoga for 30 years. To Cynthia the practice of Yoga is strongly connected to the everyday experience of breathing,. Her passion is to take you on a surprising journey to explore the connection your breath has to your overall well being, as you find out what works best for you.
During her years as a dancer Yoga was a big part of Cynthia’s training, She has a sound knowledge of the moving body and how to recover from injuries. Dynamic Yoga is the tool to keep flexible and fit, Restorative Yoga is the recipe to relax and recover, we just need to learn to listen to the signals our body gives to us.
Practicing yoga has kept Cynthia mostly sane through parenthood and helped her to develop strategies facing the challenges of ageing.