This Workshop was so well received that we have promised to do it again and have bookings already! we well put up a date very soon

Dispel the Myths and Understand the Power of Backbends to Open our Hearts.

2hrs15mins Yoga Class            Book and Pay
DATE:          next  workshop date to be announced
COST:          early bird price $30$38 
TIME:           9am to 11.15am
WHERE:      Keen on Yoga – 413 mount Barker Road Bridgewater

An intimate group of a maximum of 10 gives this workshop the unique position for you to get the most out of it.

Using an Anatomical model to explain the way we move our spines in backbends and how and what core support is in backbends

Strengthening the back and spine correctly and safely. Understanding the importance of the spine and it’s relationship to the major energy centres of the body.

We have created Open and Centre to move you into the New Year with a sense of well being. To calm the nervous system and centre you as we move into the year ahead and beyond.

Our 2 teachers will lead you by offering gentle and more advanced options to suit all levels of experience.

Open and Centre is a longer class designed to give you a deeper experience of Yoga and to thrive through the year ahead


  • Raise the vibration chanting Oms
  • Gentle spinal movement/vinyasa to warm the body
  • Using spinal model to understand the workings of the spine and dispel the myths of backbends
  • What are the benefits of back bends?
  • Why are backbends important?
  • Break down back bends and learn how to do them safely
  • Asana work, standing, balancing and inversion options for all abilities
  • Challenging your body and mind in a safe and supportive environment
  • Pranayama – breath work to increase your energy and balance the nervous system
  • Finishing with a compassion relaxation

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