2 Hour workshop  Book and Pay

DATE:          Sunday 16th February
COST:           $44 – $38 for those who attended the first workshop
TIME:           9.30am to 11.30am
WHERE:      Keen on Yoga – Bridgewater

Understanding your spine is the first step to a pain free back
This 2nd workshop will extend your understanding of the spine. It is suitable for those that have attended the 1st workshop and/or those that have had a year or more of regular yoga practice.
So join us as we explore back-bends, core and the chakra system
Workshop 2
*meditation and visualisation to calm the mind and nervous system
You will Learn
*what and where are the muscle that make the core 
*the Para Spinal back muscles
*What is Mula Bundha 
*how to engage the pelvic floor and the perineum 
*break down Sun Salutation
*stretch and open muscles and fascia
*strengthen the core and the back
*the chakra system along the spine 
*email worksheet of routines you can practice at home.
This workshop will challenge you physically and mentally and emotionally
So let go of your ego and open your body and mind
Knowing how to care for your spine is essential for creating a strong and healthy back – for now and the future