How to reduce distractions and become more
present in your home practice

Before we became socially distanced and isolated, you could walk into the studio which had been prepared to feel welcoming and calming, with an intention to help you relax and become present.

You may not have a space in your home that can be permanently dedicated as your own. However you can create a mobile space, a more flexible space for yourself at home, to please all your senses and create your Home Yoga Studio – even if its just for an hour or so.

With a small 3 bedroom home, a husband, 2 teenage boys and a dog. I was very used to recreating spaces in our home, until the shed was reformed!


SIGHT – Remove clutter from the space or throw a rug over it to visually clear the area 
TOUCH – Clean the area to roll out your yoga mat on. Or (like I used to do) roll out a clean rug with your yoga mat creating a space that feels welcoming to lay down and stretch out on.
SMELL – Burn incense, candles or favorite essential oil 
TASTE – Drink water to cleanse the palate and body
SOUND – What sounds allow you to centre and focus?
Is it silence or the sounds of nature as you open a window, or does music help set the mood for your yoga?

Please try my personal collection of music I have made public
Spotify Search – Keen on Yoga 
More selections to come

Keep Connected and Moving

download the zoom app
follow the 2 steps on website timetable page
STEP 1 – book or book and pay on the timetable calendar 
STEP 2 has a list of classes with zoom link attached – simply select your Class Link to start the live stream – Zoom in, 5-10mins before the class starts

Call me if your need help – 0412 091 365

Class Payment Options 
1. Pay $10 each time as you book in. ‘Book and Pay’   
2. Buy a 10 class pass for $100 – Click here 
Then book in without paying each time.   
3. While all previous passes are on hold, if you do wish to use it, then call me and we can sort it out.

Equipment Loans still available 
Mats, bolsters, blankets and straps. 
Requirement is simply keep then dry, clean and away/covered from pets.
Contact me to arrange pick up

Love and light 
Stay safe and healthy