With the latest lift of restrictions, we are getting very close to starting back some face to face classes.
As the Hall has had a few upgrades it isn’t opening until Tuesday the 9th of June.
In the meantime I will be launching a new timetable that will include both face to face and continuing live streaming classes. The studio classes will return in stages,  I will have it all on the website and email it out in the next week.

Requirements at hall classes

Social distancing means a max of 7 students
to ensure this…
        – bookings are required for every face to face class
        – so please get familiar with the online booking system
        – no text or verbal bookings
Alcohol wipes and sprays will be provided and must be used on the shared equipment
        – Consider getting your own equipment – SA company Bolsters &  Things
        – Or mats, blocks and straps are inexpensive from places like K-mart
        – for those that have borrowed equipment they can hold onto most things for the time being. I will only be looking to get a few blocks and straps back in the next few weeks.

Live Stream Classes

   – No bookings will be required for any online classes with the new timetable
   – just join the meeting and pay as you go $10
   – or purchase a 10 class pass for $100

Zoom in, 5-10mins before the class starts
Zoom Meeting ID: 194 737 838

Try my personal collection of music
Text me and I will send you the link to it on Spotify

Class Payments 
Due to the changes I have adjusted tickets for some of you to accommodate online classes and I will continue to sort out your tickets till they are completed.
To keep things simple there will be separate 10 class tickets for studio classes and online class
$17 casual classes
$14 concession classes
$10 online live stream classes (no concessions)
studio 10 class pass $140
online 10 class pass $100

Love and light