It has been so good seeing everyone back on the mat and enjoying simple pleasures such as sitting and chatting at the cafe with a cuppa.
Life has changed for all of us in some way or another, and while restrictions are being lifted we are trying to navigate our new normal unsure of what could happen in the future. It is at this time that we need our practice’s like yoga more than ever to calm the nervous system to reduce anxiety and stress.
We now have new classes in place that will help us all in moving forward.

Yoga is moving meditation and now we can offer you a range of levels to accommodate all needs and to help you find your new balance in this changing world.
From Dynamic practice for those who are experienced and those looking to be physically challenged while warming the body from head to toes.
To calming, restorative practices that nurture and open the body with supports to allow and encourage deep letting of muscles and tensions in the body and mind.

Calm and Restore with Rachel Grant
Classes have started
Thursday evenings 6pm – 7pm
Calm and Restore – gentle movement and restorative poses, finishing with a long yoga Nidra. This is a perfect way to settle the nervous system, let go of tension and stress from the week and be refreshed and ready for the weekend ahead.
Now with extra heating to keep the space warmer so you can relax in comfort in the quieter poses.

Nurture and Nourish with Jenny Tucker
First class on July 23rd for the one off special price of $10
Thursday mornings 9.30 – 10.30am
Nurture and Nourish is time for you to relax and leave the outside world behind, a place where you can focus on only you, through breath practices and gentle stretching, intention setting and finishes off with a yoga nidra/meditation.

Beginners, General, Yin and Dynamic with  Judy Keen 
learn how to find strength and mobility in your body in a safe space as you explore and understand your body and let go of the expectation of the ego and mind. Discover what level you are are ready for so you can enjoy your practice on the mat 


School Holidays are coming and as always we will be closed for a week from the 6th to the 12th July, to spend time with family. 
But stay tuned as I will be offering a few online classes during that week.
I have begun to record classes, so you will be able to purchase a class that you will have access to for a week to practice as many times as you like.

See you on the mat soon