While there are no classes this week at the studio,
I will be running the Wednesday 6.30pm General class online for $10
I have set up a link on the website for 2 recorded classes 
Gentle Flow and Dynamic flow  
They will be there for you to access all week at your convenience and as often as you wish for free

Links to recorded class

Click here Gentle Flow  – Access Password: Keen@Yoga1

Click here Dynamic Flow  – Access Password: Keen@Yoga1

Nurture and Nourish – Scared Heart Pose

Scared Heart pose is a relaxing gentle position that opens the throat, heart and belly and in doing this also opens the associated energy centers -chakras. 
As your throat relaxes, your throat chakra opens and starts to release any built up energy.  This chakra is involved with us speaking up and speaking our truth. Do you ever find yourself swallowing something you would like to say? 

As your chest releases over the roll, you create space and expansion of the heart center. As the chakra opens, healing and loving energy begins to flow through your body.  This allows your to breathe to deepen and you absorb more life force/prana.

The softening of your belly is associated with the opening of your solar plexus – the centre of self, your will and personal power.  The quietening of the belly leads to a ‘massage of the digestive system’. What are we digesting?  Not only food, but what we watch on TV and the energy of others. 

This position leads our nervous system to move from the sympathetic nervous system fight and flight to the parasympathetic nervous system of rest and digest.

Enjoy this powerful pose and I look forward to see you soon, Jen x

Introduction to Yoga  
Next 7 week course
Term 3 
Time: 7.30pm to 8.30pm 
Date: Monday the 27th July

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Covid Update

Restrictions have eased more in SA and we can now have equipment back in the studio. 
In saying that, it is still encouraged that you consider having your own equipment, as I am sure you are aware of the situation in Australia and the possibility of changes that could occur.
So for those that have equipment on loan you may want to look into what you might need and begin ordering, then returns can happen over the coming weeks.

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See you on the mat soon