Mini Retreats

These retreats have been created to restore refresh and reset your mind body and spirit.
Keen on Yoga teams up with different teachers to bring you their experience and share their skills and knowledge for you to absorb and enjoy.

We have put together these shorter and affordable retreats, for those that long for time out but struggle to find the time and money for themselves to attend retreats with overnight stays.

Each retreat has a different focus but all will leave you feeling relaxed and challenged, calm and inspired.  Be assured that options are given to cater for all abilities from new to experienced practitioners.

Whether for yourself, with a partner or some friends these mini retreats are open to all.  Give yourself this well deserved half day to pamper your mind, body and soul.  Take this opportunity to centre and reset your intentions and perceptions that often get lost and distorted in the busyness of life.

Nourishing refreshments are included and enjoy an extra treat of Gift Vouchers to be won.

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Self Care Retreat

This 3 hour retreat you will experience:
* Guided meditations to relax and calm your mind, offering clarity to understand what self-care is and how to implement.
*Intention setting
* Yoga to get you moving, release tension, allow your energy to align and flow – a time to reconnect, challenge and open your body and mind.
*Ayurvedic lifestyle talk – to learn and inspire you with new concepts and knowledge of how you see and understand yourself.

You will have work sheets/booklets to fill out for yourself and take home and a gift pack for everyone
Multiple door prizes to be given out at the end of the retreat
Yoga class valued at $85
Salt lamp
Free Ayurvedic lifestyle consults

This event is lead by 3 experienced practitioners who will guide you and nurture your wellbeing. Combining their skills and knowledge to bring you a unique event, whether you are experienced or new at these practices. Options will be offered to cater for all abilities.


Book & Pay

November details to come



Please fill out a student form ​so you can bring it along to the retreat