Hi everyone,
We are nearing the end of the introduction course and I hope you have all enjoyed it so far.
You have one more class on the 21st of June, which Jenny will guide you through Restorative Yoga.
An absolutely beautiful way to finish the course.

For those those that have missed a class or 2 of the course you have a chance to make it up and attend any classes on the timetable 
you have 2 weeks from completion of the course to use our 7 weeks introduction course ticket.
this means your expire date of your pass is the 5th of July.
As there was no class on Monday this week, why not try one of the classes this week.

Class options are
Nurture and Nourish – gentle
Move and Restore – gentle
Dynamic – strong

click this link to check out the timetable
I spoke to you all about the class options and picking the one that suits you best

Please contact me if you have any questions
I look to seeing you on the mat soon