This year is well under way and its hard to believe Easter is around the corner
We will be closed for a week at Easter and will have the dates on the website soon
There are many changes happening concerning Covid and restrictions being lifted, it can very be confusing to know what rules apply.
Here's a few updates
- I have replaced all the tape marks on the carpet to mark spots for social distancing
- Close contacts only applies after 4 hours so not a concern for us in a normal class
- The hall has just been given a professional clean - so it sparkling!
- We keep the hall clean and surfaces wiped before classes
- While masks are not mandatory during class, it is a personal choice to wear them if this gives individuals extra reassurance and safety
- Stay home if your feeling unwell
- Bring your own equipment if you can

Membership for Recorded classes
Options of 1 month, 6 months and 1 year to choose from for your convenience
Access to a wide range of classes
at your convenience
Here is 2 of  the latest short recordings for you to enjoy

35min Gentle Breath & Align from Sternum
7 min  Breath and chakra awareness 


It so wonderful to have the late classes for you to choose from
please note starting time is 7.20pm and finishing 8.20pm.

Nurture & Nourish with Jenny Monday 7.20 - 8.20pm
Whether you are new to yoga or experienced, restore yoga is for everyone
Slow down from the busyness of everyday life and come into still with a beautiful yoga nidra or meditation.
Let restore classes complement your physical classes or life by calming and soothing you from inside to out

Breath and Core with Cynthia Tuesday 7.20 - 8.20pm
Yoga and Breath - fundamental to meditation and movement

Cynthia's focus in the class is to help guide you to become aware of the strength that lies in the core of the body and the calm we find when our breath flows.
'We will activate our innermost support (core) and deepen the breath to find balance and relax the mind as we discover how the movement connects and follows the breath.'


Suitable for beginners and general level of class

Interactive Drawing Therapy Taster Workshop
Interactive Drawing Therapy (IDT) is a unique way of working with words, images and feelings to enable clients to gain a better understanding about themselves and the issues they are presenting during counselling and therapy. The page becomes a mirror for people, helping them see themselves more objectively from new perspectives, and facilitating insight, inner resourcefulness and profound change.

The two hour IDT Taster workshop introduces participants to IDT as a counselling and journaling approach. The workshop is suitable for people interested in personal development, healing, mindfulness and creative self-expression as well as for people in the helping professions, who look for creative-expressive ways of working with their clients.

Date:  Saturday 9 April, 2—4pm
Venue:  Aquarius Healing & Education Centre, 154 Mt Barker Road, Stirling
Workshop fee:  $50
Contact for more info & registration
Frauke Hobbs    Mob 0490 307 406


Keen on Yoga Timetable                       

9.30 – 10.30am     Beginners
6.00 – 7.00pm      Beginners
7.20 – 8.20pm      Nurture & Nourish
6.00 – 7.00pm     Dynamic/General Flow
7.20 – 8.20pm     Breath & Core
9.30 - 10.40am     General
6.00 – 7.00pm     Move & Restore
9.30 – 10.30am    Nurture & Nourish
6.30 – 7.30pm      General         live stream
6.30 - 7.30am        Warm Up     live stream
8.00 – 9.15am      Dynamic Flow