Wowser! After a crazy few days we are happy to be able to re-open the studio
The full timetable starting on Monday the 23rd and both the studio and online classes will continue

Introduction Course
Those doing the 7 week Introduction Course can continue as normal, we have 2 weeks left 

Yoga Order is at the Hall
Now that we are back you can collect your bolsters at the hall before or after class.
If you are looking to purchase you own equipment check out Bolsters and Things 

All Covid safely measures are still in place
-please stay home if you are unwell
-use your own equipment if you can
-bookings essential to ensure that we don’t exceed limits for our space
-use the hand sanitizer supplied

The Open and Centre Workshop is still postponed
And we look to confirm a date for mid January

Reminder from last newsletter
Make your own Yoga props at home

all you need is
* 2 hard cover books for blocks (try tying them with string to hold them shut)
* scarves, belts or ties for straps
* 2 pillows, blanket and ties for bolster
* blankets and towels for comfort and support
* Small hand towels, roll for neck support, fold for eye pillow

Bolster – roll 2 pillows in blanket
 Secure with scarves, belts or rope

See you on the mat soon