I hope you all enjoyed the Yoga Foundation Workshop and that you all learnt something new about your posture, breath and mind connection

We discussed the difference between Collapse Propping and Yielding
We all have times in our life’s and even in our day that we can find ourselves collapsing  and propping
collapse – belly breathing, falling heavy with gravity, weight of the world on your shoulders, sadness and depression
propping – chest breathing, bracing against gravity, tensing moving fast on adrenals, leading to eventually crashing exhausted, stress and anxiety
If you can use your understand of yield to connect with your breath to come back to a balance then it might just help you cope and deal with the situation better and see clearer

The next workshop will move into Spinal movement and Core
in early November date to come
you will be given first option to book in before tickets go on sale

Foundation Workshop Work Sheets Print out


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