BEGINNER: – Moves at a slower pace and are for those looking to introduce themselves to yoga. It will give you an understanding movements and breathing techniques. It will build your strength and stamina, improve flexibility in a nurturing and supportive environment allowing space to explore and relax.

CALM & RESTORE: – Restorative yoga is a balance to the active yoga practice. It relaxes the body, calms the mind and slows the breath down through passive stretching and pranayama (breathing exercises). The body is supported by props in the longer held poses allowing the muscles to release and relax deeply. Poses are held for up to 5 minutes and include light twists, seated forward folds and gentle back bends. Meditations are included to slow down the mind to allow it to rest.

GENERAL: – Will incorporate breathing and mediation techniques, relaxation and vinyasa sequences. Working on refining and advancing poses such as inversions. So whether it’s your very first class and you are open to a challenge or you have tons of experience, I will create a positive atmosphere with options to encourage you what ever your capability. This class challenges you to make it your own and not to be influenced by those around you. Empowering freedom from your ego and giving you the ability to listen to your body and true self.

GENERAL/YIN: – Starts with General level yoga that will incorporate pranayama techniques, asana practice with some challenging options of vinyasa sequences and inversions. This will warm the body and give you the choice of how much or how far you are ready to go. Then we slow the pace down with the last 30 mins in Yin poses, Yin challenges the body and mind to become still and hold poses for longer, to explore another level of depth as we move into the connective tissue to open the body by let go of the tensions in your mind.

DYNAMIC FLOW:Will ignite your internal fire, with flowing sequences that connect with your breath. It will raise your heart rate and awareness as you let go of past and future thoughts and become present. This class will involve inversions and strengthening asana and finish with a well deserved relation or yoga nidra.
It is suitable for those ready to challenge themselves on all levels – physically, mentally and emotionally.

NURTURE & NOURISH: –Through diving deeper into breath practices, I can see how much I have benefited from them and cannot wait to share them in the group.  When we are born, we all breathe well, but over time due to illness, stress, anxiety/depression or trauma our breath can be compromised.  This can lead to our sympathetic nervous system not turning off, sometimes just ‘fizzing’ beneath the surface, leading to fatigue, immune and digestion difficulties, high blood pressure, fast heart beat and an inability to respond rather than react to certain situations to name a few.  With practice and gentle stretching, we can begin to become more empowered with the decisions we make regarding our health and wellbeing through our breath and deep rest and relaxation.
Intention setting will help ground group members as to what they want to experience at the group that day or what has drawn them there.  Intention setting can be a great way to start the day and helps you stay on track when we keep our intention as a focus.
We will finish off with a relaxing and healing yoga nidra (sleepless sleep)/meditation.  Research says 20-30 minutes of yoga nidra is equal to about 2 hours of sleep.  At first it can be easy to fall asleep during the relaxation but your body benefits more from being deeply awake.  I would often fall asleep during this but now through setting my intention (whatever it is for me that time), I am deeply awake more often.