Are you an early riser, do you love the quietness of sunrise maybe before your household gets busy or perhaps it's the only time you get to do some thing for yourself.
We now offer 2 early yoga sessions to get you warmed up and moving to start your day

6.30 - 7.30am online yoga classes,
Tuesday heat up and Friday warm up

Why start your day with Yoga?
There are many advantages to starting your day with yoga

  1. Rather than waking to an alarm and jumping out of bed and ramping up the nervous system, take a moment to breathe, move a little slower and bring yourself to the mat. Keeping the nervous system calm and in turn your mind, body and emotions.
  2. Bring clarity to your day.
    Start your yoga practice with a moment to focus on your breath, try practicing a breathing technique such as ujjayi breath
    Set an intention for your practice or for the day, week or year. Could simply be an intention of gratitude for the sunrise or rain, a moment of thankfulness' for having time for yourself to do yoga.
  3. Morning yoga boosts the body’s metabolism as it pumps up the circulatory system and fires up the digestive system or Agni.
    So you will absorb the minerals and vitamins from your food and release toxins more efficiently
  4. Sun Salutations - Shakes off the stiffness in the body from a night of stillness, the long resting of the muscle can cause tightness and common aches and pains.
  5. Morning yoga releases the dullness and lethargy of the mind and increases focus, concentration and alertness.

With a regular morning practice you will soon begin to feel and notice the changes. Stepping into your day with a lightness and lift in your posture, feeling more present, balanced and having a positive attitude to life.

So get started and enjoy the morning

Ask about Membership for Recorded classes only $20 a Month!

Do classes at your convenience.
Select from a range of recorded classes 

See you on the mat soon