Hi Judy 🙂

Updated Header image. Looks better I think….

This is a test Newsletter for your new web site…… Again! Forgot to set it to send the full content instead of an excerpt. Let me know if you don’t get the full text.

I have set up a basic template with header and footer as you can see. This can be edited if you wish.

Also I think I have completed everything we discussed the other day but had a rethink about the calendar for the 6 week course as the classes are spaced out so much and there is only one class per week on Mondays. This turns out to not look very informative on a calendar similar to the normal timetable one so I have set up an alternative quick and easy way of viewing the Term dates using a tab / accordion widget that works well on desktop and mobile devices. This gives the user a quick overview and a chance to Book and Pay. I have put in a calendar to demonstrate below the tabs but it can be removed easily.

So if you have a chance this week to come and check everything out again (maybe Thursday?) let me know and we can arrange a time.


Dave West